Owl House (Part 2)

It took us about 90 minutes to reach the house from Glasgow. It was a foggy morning and the last 10 miles through mist cloaked narrow country lanes prevented us seeing the scenery.

We were greeted on the driveway by Alan, Kathy & Isobel, and greeted inside by the imposing AGA cooker. The house sleeped 10 and was filled with games to keep Evan, Isobel, and me amused. (I can now play I Just Cant Get Enough badly on a toy piano)

Alan, Kathy and Isobel set off for Girvan and we decided to stay local and just play on the grounds with Evan. The was a splendid tree house, swings and the best echoes bouncing off the nearby hills.

Got to grips with the cooker and managed to make dinner for the 6 of us that night, before watching Scotland's spectacular defeat to Spain.

On Wednesday we took the short drive into Ayr. I've been before lots of times - as they have a nice beach for Evan, and Ayr United have had many a tussle with Partick Thistle over the years that have taken me there on a Saturday afternoon.

No trip to a Scottish coastal resort is complete without a trip to the amusement arcade. Evan is now a keen penny falls player. After visiting the beach, park, local caf, arcade and high street we had well and truly done Ayr.

That evening Kathy made us steak pie from the local farm shop for dinner, and Evan and Isobel played Evan's shopping trolley game he bought in Ayr. Evan & Isobel played very well together the whole stay - Isobel is laid back and can put up with Evan's bossy demands. Just like her mother and father. And she's a good loser, just like her Scrabble playing dad, who coped admirably in the face of my "REVIVING" straddling two triple word scores (176 points - Get In!)

The next day we went to Girvan which was like a mini-Ayr. Beach, park, and small town centre. Evan wanted a roll and sausage, so we went to the local greasy spoon for lunch.

That night, having now mastered the Aga, we finished the week with a curry and TV.

We were so sad to leave the house, and our wonderful hosts, on Friday morning. I know Evan will miss playing with Isobel, and I'll miss my huge bath tub in the mornings, but not the beard I'd grown during my stay. Owl House was the perfect escape.


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