Sunday, 14 November 2010

Marc Almond

I'm off to Marc Almond's "30 years of music" tour next week, (though he has recently announced that the accompanying CD is now not coming out due to assorted wrangles.)

I've seen Soft Cell, with David Ball, on a re-union tour early 2000's, and a Marc Almond solo gig a few years back.

I enjoyed the Almond gig more than Soft Cell - possibly cause I spotted Neil Whitmore (Neil X from Sigue Sigue Sputnik) on guitar in Marc's band, but more probably because he was charming, chatty, and sang a great set of songs, supporting his fabulous Stardom Road album. It kind of caught me by surprise how much I enjoyed it - he always struck me as more aloof and smug, but was quite the opposite. The Soft Cell show was pretty soulless.

Almond has released 14 solo albums, to Soft Cell's three in the eighties, and one in 2002. That's a huge catalogue of songs for him to pick from - I think I have about 8 of these on CD, but I should be able to join in most of the sing-a-longs on the night since it is a hits tour.

On a side note I am pretty gutted that I am missing Atari Teenage Riot, back after years, who are playing in Glasgow on the same night. I have fond memories of seeing them 1st time round - a wild gig.

Suggested reading: Tainted Life: Autobiography
Suggested listening: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - can never tire of listening to this.

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