Wedding Present Bizarro Tour

Another band does one of these "album" tours, as the Wedding Present return to UK shores today for the UK leg of the Bizarro (21st anniversary) tour, eventually reaching Glasgow on the 2nd of December.

Playing the QM again, third time in a row I've seen them there, ah well. Saw Cinerama all over, at King Tuts, G2, and Barfly of top of head. Would like a little variety since David Gedge's return to using The Wedding Present name, but I'm being picky.

The album most well known for featuring the gripping Brassneck and barnstorming Kennedy is classic Wedding Present with petty tales of love, betrayal, jealousy & suspicion ("...If you're as sorry as you say, why didn't you just say no?..."), played out to a furious riot of guitars and drums in swoops of pre-grunge slow, fast, slow, quiet, loud, quiet.

Originally released in 89 it pre-dates my 1st Wedding Present purchases around the 1991 Seamonsters release (I bought Crawl 12" and Dalliance 10" on vinyl when I was 19.)

They have never disappointed live, and Mr Gedge kindly and charmingly signed my Cinerama 7" of Superman - he's a comic book reader, and references abound in his songs, (and twitter updates on occasion)

Recommended viewing: Brassneck Video on Youtube

Will post updates here after my Almond & Gedge outings over the next 2 weeks.


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