Splice Up Your Life

I've averaged about 5 films a month from Lovefilm this year. Details of a selection watched (not made) in 2010 including 2 word review of each.

Splice - Directed by Vincenzo Natali, who wrote/directed the excellent The Cube. Now, Splice: scientist makes big maggots, then make one mixed with human, then have sex with it. Total shit.

Last Night - it's the end of the world as we know it. Don McKellar's Canadian movie from late 90s - a very personal take on what people would do at the end of the world. Pretty engrossing.

The Losers - Another comic adaptation. I was no big fan of the comic or the movie but enjoyed the Don't Stop Believin' scene. Instantly forgettable

Prince of Persia/Clash of The Titans - I watched these a couple of days after each other, and it was just the same movie over. CGI replaces the Ray Harryhausen stop motion, but I enjoyed them both and Gemma Arteton was in them both I think as the same person. (not really). Watchable fantasy

Legion - Shocking. I don't know if it was trying to be b-movie fun likeTremors, or actually thougt it was something good. Best thing Paul Bettany ever done was marry Jennifer Connelly. Utter dross

13 Game of Death (Thailand) - Perform 13 tasks, win lots of money. Tasks become increasingly horrible. Swat fly, make child cry, eat shit..etc Quite different

Hurt Locker - tedious. Not a patch on her New Order video. Over rated

A Prophet - Anthony Worral Thompson stars as gang leader in jail. Over hyped

2012 - Bonkers apocalyptic future finds John Cusack & Woody Harleson out to save world. Like Day after Tomorrow with more oomph! Suspend brain

Armored - The fabulous Skeet Ulrich in ensemble bank heist. Old-fashioned fun

The Box - "Push this button and someone you don't know will die" I have not read Richard Matheson's short story, but at least it was short. This was a shambles. Jesus wept

Death Note 2 - Ken'ichi Matsuyama solves supernatural crimes on a sugar diet. Preferred the 1st, but still very good. One'L'of a-movie

Fish Tank - Coming of age in Essex. Catch it

Surrogates - Bruce Willis as futursitic cop. Sounds rubbish already, but a pleasant surprise in this comic adaptation. Pulp science-fiction

Mysterious Skin - A young Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 500 days of summer is part My Own Private Idaho, part Torch Song Trilogy. Must see

Thirst -Chan-Wook Park Disappointing vampire priest movie. No Oldboy

Watchmen - Jackie Earle Haley brilliant (and a decent Freddy Krueger too) unfilmable comic book gets filmed. Watch man


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