Friday, 23 March 2012

Front 242 - Glasgow 2011

Front 242 don’t appear to have changed in the 30 years the band have been going.  The Belgian industrial legends popped up in Glasgow for a rare Scottish gig and entertained a packed Clasic Grand.

Despite band members now over 50 years old, they were happy to pull some trademark moves as they  belted out their pumping tunes.
Headhunter wasn’t saved for an easy crowd pleasing encore, and the track still sounds like a secret blueprint for Petty Hate Machine.
Other classic tracks Religion, Tragedy for You and Welcome To Paradise were dispatched with similar  confidence and the crowd joined their elders on stage in pulling some energetic shapes.
The trademark pulsating rhythms really are funk inducing – none of your melodic toe-tapping Kraftwerk melodies.  It’s a full on assault on the ears and body, and the heaving goth rock crowd turned into a heaving mass reminiscent of an exotic nightclub club in a Hollywood vampire movie.  Perhaps the only difference is the Goths at tonight’s gig dye their hair black these days to prevent greying hair.
The more tuneful Quite Unusual was in the encore – hinting at a more popular sound for 242 – a ‘what could have been’ if they’d followed the Depeche Mode industrial route.
It’s a fine line between cool rock, and clichéd embarrassing posturing – support band Jesus Loves Amerika showed this – sounding like some Stars In Their Eyes version of Nitzer Ebb.

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