Image Comics

DC relaunched all their titles starting at issue 1 all over again.  A bold move, which paid off.  Sales and hype went into overdrive. But the new titles were really just more of the same regular comics I'm used too from DC.

Marvel lurch from one big "event" to the next.  Currently it's Avengers v X-Men.  After Fear Itself, Schism, Spider Island, Siege, Shadowland, Heroic Age etc etc etc.  (Though the regular Amazing Spider-man is as ever essential reading!)

All the great new ideas have been coming from Image Comics.  Launched 20 years ago by disenchanted Marvel/DC writers and artists, they have been releasing comic after comic filled with new ideas, great art, or both.

For me Morning Glories kicked off their renaissance but that has now been followed by Infinite Vacation, the standout NonPlayer, Hell Yeah, Mud Man, Thief of Thieves, Alpha Girl, Saga, Luther Strode, Manhattan Projects, Red Wing.  These are just some of the great comic they've released the last year.  There's loads more, and more to come.

They seem so much more prepared to try out new things, different ideas, non superhero comics, unknown creators.  And it's paying off.  All the above titles are selling out print runs.  Great!


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