Craft: How to Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Last year I made a snowglobe.  This year I made some Christmas crackers.

Here's how.

What you need:

  • used cardboard tube (inside of a kitchen roll)
  • a banger for inside (available cheap at art/craft stores)
  • ribbon to tie the ends
  • xmas wrapping paper
  • treats etc for inside
cardboard tube and banger

Cut 2 ends of the carboard tube, to give you 3 section. (the two you pull, and the bit in the middle).  Then thread the banger through all 3 parts and tape to each end. (see below).  Leave a slight gap between each section.

tube cut, with banger through middle, taped on at each end

 Wrap paper round everything, only taping in place across the middle tube.

tubes all wrapped

Tie with ribbon at one end tightly, between middle and end section. But no so tight you tear the paper

one end tied tight with ribbon

Now drop your treats/party hats/jokes down the open end, so the fall into the middle section.
I used mini candy canes, and some amazing jokes from my son.
(e.g. What's green and goes up and down? An apple in an elevator)

treats for inside
Now tie the other end with ribbon, and your crackers are complete! Well done!

Ta da!
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