The Human League

A Human League concert is always a nostalgia trip for me - although they've mostly avoided going totally down the 80's retro route themselves, compared to some of their contemporaries.

Their 1988 greatest hits album rounded off an amazing decade of classic pop singles, and has been followed with what seems to me like a series of comebacks, as after the 80s most viewed them as an anachronism.

As a teenager I listened to the hits album, and had the hits video on VHS too.  After that I stuck with them for the Romantic (1990) album during my student years, and Octopus (1995) 5 years later.  Happy days when Tell Me When went top 10, and me and Jamie could dance in nightclubs to a new hit Human League record!  Made a change from his strained karaoke staple of Mirror Man.

2011 saw the release of a new studio album, Credo, and a few singles (none of which troubled the charts, though a decent radio friendly remix of Never Let Me Go ensured it made several radio playlists for a few weeks)  Spooky first single from Credo, Night People has bonkers lyrics and an unusual rhythm, making it a car favourite for my son as well as me, so I feel like I'm looking at them with fresh eyes again this Wednesday night when I go see them play in Glasgow.

(Amongst others I hope they play: Open Your Heart, The Things That Dreams are Made Of, Heart Like A Wheel, One Man In My Heart.  Fingers crossed.)


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