Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Claudia Brücken - coming to Glasgow in March

My first introduction to Propaganda would have been the dramatic sound of Dr Mabuse - on Now That's What I Call Music 3, back in 1984.  Tucked away on side 3, nestled between Bananarama and Tina Turner.  The track only made number 27 in the charts at the time, so done well to be included at all.

This track was again brought to my attention following its very noticeable use in the John Hughes/Howard Deutch follow up to Pretty in Pink, "Some Kind Of Wonderful"

I next ran into Propaganda in 1990 when a couple of new singles came out.  I picked up the 12" singles Heaven Give Me Words, and Only One Word, but was disappointed to discover that it was Claudia Brucken on vocal duties anymore.  Not only that, but  they'd roped in someone from Simple Minds.

  Propaganda appeared to have been mired in a messy break up and legal battle, much like fellow ZTT and Trevor Horn produced Frankie Goes to Hollywood were with the label.

Claudia herself popped up a year later with a new solo album and single.  The single Kiss Like Ether, was beautifully produced by Pascal Gabriel.

Claudia has popped up here and there over the years, singing with Jimmy Somerville and Andy Bell among others.  More recently she's been part of OneTwo along with fellow 80s survivor Paul Humphreys (recently returned to the OMD fold after many years away)

A 'Best Of' came out in 2011 featuring a collection of Propaganda, OneTwo and solo tracks.  It serves as a good catalogue of her 4 decades work.

In November 2012 she released a new album "The Lost Are Found" where she covers an eclectic mix of tracks by acts such as Pet Shop Boys, Dubstar, Stina Nordenstam, Julee Crusie and David Bowie.

Her "The Lost Are Found" tour opens in Glasgow in March 2013 and heads to England and Germany after that.  I'm looking forward to seeing her live for the first time.

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