Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Depeche Mode Delta Machine Tour Comes to The Hydro in Glasgow

Depeche Mode announced a string of dates across the globe earlier in the year, but the only UK dates were at the O2 in London.

This week further dates were added to the tour including a return to Glasgow after their previous long overdue visit here in 2009.  

Their latest album Delta Machine was released in March and this will provide a backbone of songs for the new shows.

For me Delta Machine is their best, most interesting and most consistent album for 15 years, harking back for the first time in a while to 1987's Music For The Masses finer moments on Secret To The End and Broken.  Certainly they're steering in the right direction again and have found that groove that produced their great nineties albums and was missing in their 3 noughties releases.

For clues to the way forward for Depeche Mode listen to electronic wig out My Little Universe or the soulful stomp of Soft Touch/Raw Nerve (watch below.)

I'm really looking forward to going to Glasgow's newest venue, The Hydro.  I've watched this slowly take shape over the last 2 years, and it's due to open in September.  12,000 seats, and 1,000 standing makes it the biggest of custom built arena in Scotland.  I think it looks quite special and will be ideal for watching Depeche Mode.  Everyone in Glasgow knows the current huge shed-like SECC's failings and this must be an improvement.  I'll be down front standing.  Sitting at shows like this with a both standing section and seating section is so frustrating when you see the standers having fun and you're sat next to someone doing a crossword.
The Hydro

Poetically it's 20 years since I first saw Depeche Mode.  I drove down to London with partner in crime Jamie for 1993's incredible Crystal Palace stadium show (with The Sisters of Mercy supporting.)  Thankfully the Basildon boys are coming to my town and  I wont be sleeping in the car this time round.

The Hydro
Depeche Mode come to Glasgow Hydro on November 11 2013.

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