New Order collector's edition CDs (Technique etc)

Have slowly got round to picking up all the re-issued New Order albums with bonus CD including remixes/b-side tracks etc of the time.

If you don't already own the New Order albums in question there are well worth it at around £8 on Amazon.

Power Corruption and Lies probably offers the best bonus CD of the lot - includes singles Confusion, Blue Monday, Thieves Like Us.  It's usually the Substance version of Confusion  (re-recorded by the band for that album) I listen to these days.  Don't know if it's a case of 'change is as good as a rest' but I certainly prefer the original.

I used to own all these tracks on 12"/7" vinyl back in the day, but I've since moved on most of my vinyl now so a few of the tracks are welcome returns to my collection.

The sun was shining this weekend. Technique is up there as my favourite sunny day driving around music.  World In Motion the England World Cup song from 1990 is included as a bonus.  Always amazes me how I put my petty footballing rivalries to one side and still sing a long to this.

The Movement bonus CD also deserves a mention.  I prefer it to the album itself, as it includes the 1981-82 EP with Temptation, Hurt, Mesh, Procession and Everything's Gone Green, and the pulsating 7" mix of Temptation.


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