Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pretty In Pink - Whatever Happened To Jimmer Podrasky

The Rave-Ups

Jimmer Podrasky was lead singer and guitarist in the Rave-Ups who featured in the club scenes in Pretty In Pink.  Strangely however none of there songs actually made it to the soundtrack CD of the film.

Jimmer had a child with Molly Ringwald's sister Beth, and was later engaged to Shannon Doherty.  

It was through Molly that John Hughes heard of them, and they ended up in Pretty In Pink.  The bands star fell, and they ended up dropped by record company Epic with no new material released in many years.  They did still play the occasional show together, but Jimmer spent time away from the music industry bringing up his son.

After some hard times, Jimmy Podrasky released his first music in 23 years in 2013 via his website 

Jimmy Podrasky

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