Sigue Sigue Sputnik shoot up Glasgow

Martin Degville the singer from 80s tabloid fodder Sigue Sigue Sputnik made a rare visit to Glasgow to play a gig.  He's been going by the names of Sputnik2, Sputnik Electronic and Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic. But this gig is pretty much sold and promoted as "Sigue Sigue Sputnik."

Fans of the band, and founding members busy doing their own thing these days Neal X and Tony James would argue over this, but it will do for me.  I was a fan 1st time round, and Sputnik are one of the bands I can be a bit obsessive about.  Any rare chance to hear some of their old songs giving an airing needs to be taken.

The venue, Glasgow's Ivory Blacks is a funny old place - more often a place used by poor covers bands, battle of the bands etc, not for regular gigs.   I've not been here in over 10 years. I don't think they've decorated or cleaned since my last visit.

I think the meagre turnout for this show suffered a bit from the lack of any promotion the venue seem to do.  I counted 41 early in the night, but a few waifs and strays turned up later I think.

The audience appears mostly to be attendees for a taxi-drivers convention.

Support act Analog Angel were as bad an outfit as I've seen and really should pack it in.  Such an outdated sound delivered in the most pointless fashion, impossible to connect with on any emotional level whatsoever. I found them thoroughly embarrassing.  They should return to their day jobs (taxi drivers?)  I don't mean to be over cruel but I did not take to them at all.

I was starting to despair for how Martin Degville would both perform and go down with this funny mix of a crowd.

Thankfully, Degville launched into his set with gusto, enthusiasm and energy which he maintained for 90 minutes.  Boom Boom Satellite, Teenage Thunder, Jayne Mansfield, especially good. Atari Baby suffered a little, and newer Degville tracks weren't out of place.  Finished obviously with Love Missile, and sadly left out Dancerama.

I was expecting simply an  electronic performance - singer and a guy with keyboards.  I was very pleasantly surprised when a full band walked on stage.  Particularly striking was the guitarist who looked like he'd just wandered our from a Rocky Horror show.  He was in fact Mark Standley of Manchester punk veterans V2 fame.  What a great addition to the band.  The big rock and roll guitar licks were played to full effect and it would have been a much more tepid affair without his playing.  The guy actually playing keyboards couldn't pull off the look as well as the 2 guys up front. I would suggest he leave the string vest at home next time.  It's not flattering.

Mark Standley on guitar - quality!
Wee guy at back does not suit the string vest

Degville did on several occasions shout to the bar/audience for some Jaegermeister shots to keep him going.  They seemed pretty essential, but also did the trick for him it would appear.

Post gig he hung aorund a good 30 minutes chatting, signing stuff, taking photos with the odds and sods at the gig.  He seemed to be genuinely be having fun, and was thoroughly charming to meet.  The whole thing, as Sigue Sigue Sputnik usually are, was utterly bonkers but good fun.

Haste ye back.


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