My pick of 'All Ages' comics 2015

I didn't think my son was going to be a big comic book fan - he's not shown a huge interest in reading superhero comics with me.

Thankfully there seems to be quite a boom in the market of great all ages comics - aimed at both the adult and younger audience.

Currently we are reading the following 5 books who's lead characters incidentally are all females or dogs.


We're up to issue eleven of this and I think it's starting to dip a little. Initially meant to be a 7 or 8 part series, it quickly got made into an ongoing title due to it's success and acclaim.  The motley group of adventurous girls go on a bunch of adventures not dissimilar to some crazy Scooby Doo tale.  Kids love the monsters, the adventures but the characters  have enough attitude to appeal to older readers.

Teen Dog

A slacker pizza loving, skateboard canine dude hangs out with his human friends in a loosely joined series of vignettes with a supporting cast of other dogs too such as Thug Pug.  We're up to issue 5 (of 8) and it's good trippy fun every issue.  Absurd comedy to tickle old and young.

Fight Like A Girl

More girl power.  Amarosa battles a series of trials set by a bunch of Gods in order to save her sick brother.  Task 1 involves beating a T-Rex with a super charged baseball bat. We're at issue 2 of 4 and still enjoying. A bit like the 12 labours of Hercules or something, all good fun.

Oddly Normal

Oddly's world is turned upside down when she transported to the magical land of Fignation. Magic, odd classmates and a supporting cast of weird and wonderful people and creatures.  Great to capture child/adult's imagination.

Penny Dora and The Wishing Box

A gentle old fashioned tale about a magical box which grants wishes.


...and have just picked up issue one of Feathers to get started on.

UPDATE: We read feathers - great!  A young girl escapes the walled city and finds herself a strange companion on the outside - a young feathered boy.


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