Friday, 2 October 2015

Brian Nash (ex Frankie Goes To Hollywood) at Audio Glasgow

I'd never been to Audio before - a dingy room in Glasgow located under Central Station, next to the old Arches nightclub on Midland Street.  In a former life I think the venue was called Rockers and played host to local loud long haired types.  They don't appear to have tarted it up much since it re-opened as Audio.

50 plastic chairs were set up facing the stage and by the time Brian Nash (Nasher) came on around half of these had filled up.  A few obvious die hard fans with the "Frankie Says" t-shirts along with several other waifs and strays including myself and my fellow Frankie fan, my cousin.  Relax and Two Tribes were the first 12 inch singles I bought (from Woolworths.)  For a band who only recorded 2 studio albums, I've an ever growing pile of Frankie Goes To Hollywood CDs - over the years record label ZTT have milked the back catalogue for all they can with deluge of remixes and compilations.

I've never bothered to track down Nasher's few solo efforts released post Frankie.  These seem to be self released affairs, where Nash plucks his guitar and croons some bitter sweet stories about his life and characters he's encountered.  He pulls most of his set from these solo albums, and as expected I enjoy his chat between songs more than the songs themselves.

Towards the night he delivers a pleasant version of Power of Love, and highlight of the night, an excellent Maximum Joy - with a box of tricks at his feet looping some nice backing rhythms he created using the body of his guitar and a few plucks.  At last! A little glimpse of Frankie.  Was great to hear and worth coming along for.  This gig was always going to be a curiosity rather than an amazing show.

Nasher's got a book out at the moment and I'd held off buying this - hoping to get one on the night.  He only had the audio book with him - so I'm working my way through the 16 hours at the moment.  Enjoyable stuff and good to get a new take from one of the 'lads' to counter Holly Johnson's book.

Nasher was an affable guy and very appreciative of those who made the effort to come see him, but I'll stick with steady flow of repackaged Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilations and Holly Johnson solo stuff, thank you very much.

Hopefully Nasher can continue to enjoy playing music, along with the odd electrical jobs he does for old ladies in London.

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