Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Adam Ant - Anthems Live Tour Preview

At 9 years old I bought the Prince Charming 7" single to sit alongside my copies of Kings Of The Wild Frontier and Stand And Deliver.  35 years later on Adam has dusted down his old hits for what he's calling the 'Anthems' tour.

Adam was the only pop star whose posters were allowed a space on my bedroom wall (and ceiling) alongside the ZX Spectrum computer games ones when I was a young pop kid.

The enjoyment endured, and I've stuck with antmusic over the years.  From Live Aid (where he was notoriously the only performer not to see a sales boost from appearing) and through several comebacks of varying success.  He last seriously troubled the charts with a top 20 single and album in 1990 when Room At The Top was a minor hit.

I was first due to eventually catch Adam perform live in 2002 as headline act on the 80s revival "Here And Now Tour" but unfortunately he was unable to perform due to being arrested for waving a gun around as a result of the mental illness which he has struggled with for many years.  But he appears to be in better shape now and has been performing live for several years - mostly performing album setlists of either debut Dirk Wears White Sox or his classic Kings Of The Wild Frontier - so it's nice that this time it's being billed as an out-and-out HITS! tour.

I'll be particularly enjoying any renditions of later works Room At The Top, Wonderful, Vive Le Rock, Apollo 9 along with the old staples.

Adam Ant is 62 now. Sadly he no longer performs with his Ants, in particular his one time muse Marco Pironi, but he's assembled a good band around him who do the old songs justice, notably the hard working Will Crewdson who also jobs with The Selecter amongst others - though this current lineup is much diminished following the sad death of guitarist Tom Edwards earlier this year.

I don't follow fashion so much these days either, so more than happy to get some nostalgia kicks from this gig.

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