Thursday, 8 June 2017

Depeche Mode Copenhagen Telia Parken review

I was half expecting an impromptu sing-a-long on the flight from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, given that it seemed filled with Depeche Mode fans.  I was reminded of a raucous flight to Paris in 1998 when Scotland fans filled every seat on the plane, and every glass.  It was more subdued than this, but there was definitely an expectant buzz.

Copenhagen is a compact and welcoming city. In a whistlestop 48 hours, aided by a transport system that Glasgow should envy, my cousin and I managed to traverse the place with ease.  By the time we reached Telia Parken, Denmark's national stadium I was ready to sit back and put my feet up.

Telia Parken

Going Backwards is a great opener - for the album Spirit and for the Global Spirit tour.  A paean to the emotional anesthesia of our times, it sees the band turning back their history to a bleaker worldview.  It sets the mood for a set whose highlights include In Your Room, Everything Counts, Wrong and a blissful cover of Bowie's Heroes.

The crowd were seduced and cajoled by Dave, in full preening and swaggering mode, and joined in where required (Never Let Me Down, Personal Jesus, Home, Where's The Revolution).  The crowd really started getting into things proper with the opening bars of World In My Eyes.

For Martin Gore's spotlight moments, in counterbalance to the serious, political Mode, he returned to some of Depeche Mode's sweetest and most naive songs: Somebody and Question of Lust.  Despite playing to a stadium of some 40,000 fans this still masterfully had the feel of an intimate show.

Dave Gahan

Martin Gore, Somebody.

This was a flawless performance that thrilled the residents of Copenhagen and the many who had travelled from further afield.

I'm sure The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen's famous statue and Danish fairytale protagonist could see the irony, along with me, in encore Walking In My Shoes. She herself was doomed to endure torturous pain wherever she walked on land.  Me, I wore my attention seeking flashing shoes.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen.
Look at me

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