Falco - Rock Me Amadeus - Falco's grave in Vienna Zentralfriedhof

Falco is best known for his 1985 hit Rock Me Amadeus, which was a number one hit all round the world.  He died 20 years ago, aged 40 and is the best-selling Austrian singer of all time. This year he had his eleventh number one album in the Austrian charts - "Falco 60" - a compilation marking what would have been his 60th birthday.

His first few singles released in 1981, Ganz Wien and Der Kommissar  both reference drug taking, which ultimately lead to his death.  He crashed his car under the influence of alcohol and cocaine in 1998.

He is buried in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in his hometown Vienna.  Zentralfriedhof is situated around 5 miles out of the centre Vienna and is accessible by a short tram ride.  There are several florists near the still working cemetery if you wish to buy some flowers.

As well as Falco, the cemetery also contains the graves of Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert and a few of the Strauss family. Mozart also has a grand memorial, but is actually buried in another nearby cemetery.  Many more of Austria's great and good are also buried in Zentralfriedhof.  We stumbled upon Hedy Lamarr's (1930s/1940s actress) "The woman many critics and fans alike regard as the most beautiful ever to appear in films" says her IMDB bio.

Hedy Lamarr

Falco's grave does not disappoint.  A large "Falco" emblazoned obelisk towers above a glass panel engraved with his song titles and CD covers.  His mother lies next to him, and the grave seems well attended by devoted fans - with fresh flowers and candles burning away. A nice visit to pay our respects to the singer of one of the greatest pop songs of the 80s!


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